About Us

We are brilliant minds. Fusion of thinkers and doers. Digital natives. Creatives designers. With technical craftsmanship, we collaborate seamlessly as a team. We have an intuitive sense of the zeitgeist, staying ahead of trends while knowing what has proven successful. We take pleasure in our work and approach every project with an unwavering passion.

Living change

Change management is not just a buzzword for us - we live change. We are firmly convinced that standing still means taking a step backwards. We see our task in making the positive aspects of change visible and comprehensible for organizations and companies.

Knowledge creates security

The demands that work and everyday life place on individuals have changed permanently. Adaptability, the will to develop further and the ability to acquire new skills are becoming increasingly important.

Communication is key

It is important that all stakeholders are informed about the upcoming changes and understand how the changes will affect them. Open and transparent communication helps to reduce fear and concerns and facilitates the transition process.
New tools such as e-learning, blended learning and more, increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your company in the long term.

Friends & Partners

No man is an island - and that's why we also work as a team. Therefore, we recognize the importance of collaboration and teamwork. We have cultivated strong partnerships with a diverse group of companies and consultants who share our values and passion for the profession.

We take great pride in working alongside these talented individuals and organizations and we are thrilled to provide a selection of Friends & Partners below:
Frank Hansmann
Frank HansmannCEO, splendid learning gmbh
Oliver Wittur
Oliver Wittur Management Consulting, splendid learning gmbh
Patricia Baltes
Patricia BaltesProject Management, splendid learning gmbh
Luca Högy
Luca Högy Web design, splendid learning gmbh
Sabine Münstermann
Sabine MünstermannCommunication, splendid learning gmbh
Claire Wenzler
Claire WenzlerContent Creation, splendid learning gmbh
Arthur Breider
Arthur BreiderContent Creation, splendid learning gmbh
Alexander Juschus
Alexander Juschus CEO, Stewardship Professionals
Mike Lubrano
Mike Lubrano Managing Director, Valoris Stewardship Catalysts
Barbara Liebermeister
Barbara LiebermeisterCEO & Managing Director, Institut für Führungskultur im digitalen Zeitalter
Marc Brockmann
Marc BrockmannManaging Director, Brockmann & Büchner
Ulrike Didion
Ulrike Didion Academy Director, azip Akademie
Stephan Pust
Stephan Pust Transformation Consulting & Training
Richard Sefrin
Richard Sefrin Management Consulting Automotive
Dr. Sabine Jung
Dr. Sabine Jung Founder, Professional Philantrophy
Michael Stolz
Michael Stolz Freelance Management Consultant
Thomas Münstermann
Thomas MünstermannManaging Partner, MAFEMA GmbH
Carola Rinker
Carola RinkerSpeaker in the field of Financial Statements