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About the client

TechQuartier is a platform for the European tech scene that focuses on building relationships and partnerships in the field of technology and innovation. It provides a platform for startups, companies and investors to collaborate and promotes the exchange of ideas and know-how. TechQuartier organises events and workshops, offers mentorship programmes and has a network of experts working in various fields. The aim is to promote the startup scene and support companies in their growth efforts. TechQuartier is an initiative of companies and organisations from the Frankfurt region and works closely with local government authorities and investors. It is an important platform for the development of a strong and dynamic tech community in Europe.


TechQuartier was looking for a partner to help them structure their service offerings for start-ups and companies. The focus was on a new design for the website and external communication. The goal was that the website could be maintained and updated independently by employees in the future. Since TechQuartier constantly has new programmes coming up, this point was enormously important for the team.


At the beginning of the project, we had two joint workshops to structure the service offer. We defined the exact requirements for the website and reflected with the TQ managers every week. In total, the project lasted about 7 months and will go into a second round in 2023.


We developed a user-friendly and responsive design interface that works flawlessly on all devices. We built the website based on a content management system to make it easy for TQ employees to add, edit and manage content. We also made sure that the integration with existing tools and services, such as email marketing platforms and analytics tools, worked smoothly.